Reasons that Make Adult Comforted phenomenon Telolet Om Om

Viralnya video “Telolet Om Om” also shows that even adults can be as happy as children home has thought too simple as children.

“Adults can be very happy kids. But adults were thinking complex. Wants to do nothing definite thinking is very long. It was finally put off happiness to come. If children do simple,” Ruth explained.

“When children ask for candy, the candy is given, he has been able to candy it is, it will be happy really. While we always think about that too much impact on what. Later this later and others, “said Ruth added.

According to Ruth, the video “Telolet Om Om” that have become viral is the description that the world of children is as simple as that.

During manage to stimulate sensory stimulation of children, have certainly made them interested. For example, a high voice, a particular form of tones, nice pictures, pictures with bright colors, and everything they could touch as a game Slam .

“As long as it keeps them stimulated sensory, it was fun for them, including the phenomenon of Telolet Om Om,” said Ruth

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