Recognize Difficult Children’s Syndrome Causes Hair Combed Mothers all over the world must have difficulty combing the hair of children daughter. Then the mother asked, why the little one always difficult hair trimmed using a comb?

The mother may not know, because they never check to the doctor, that there is a condition known as uncombable hair syndrome or syndromes hair difficult combed, often in girls in childhood.

Typically, girls with the syndrome difficult hair combed hair is bushy, curly (curly), and included dry hair.

Quiet, mothers do not panic, because it is difficult combed hair syndrome will disappear along with the end of childhood. In many cases, hair little one will be set to normal like girls.

And also there is no evidence that the syndrome is hard hair combed enlarge the opportunities for children to be exposed to other genetic disorders.

Quoted from the website She Knows, Friday (12/16/2016), scientists do not know much about the conditions were quite strange, especially because this syndrome is quite rare.

difficult disisr hair syndrome was first named in 1973. After that, there were about 100 cases of this syndrome is documented from around the world.

Professor Regina Betz, a specialist in hair problems are rare due to heredity, explained that there may be more than 100 people affected by the syndrome hair difficult combed, but parents tend to not take it seriously because it considers this condition is simply the result of hair texture alone.

Professor Regina also stressed that parents with children who have the syndrome hair difficult combed need not have worried, in spite of the problems caused after your child a bath and be very hard to comb, because the syndrome hair difficult combed does not affect anything, except testing your patience.

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