Recognize Sleeping Sickness ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Young Men One of the important things Like this man do in their daily life is sleep. After a day of activities and make all the organs work until the maximum point, the body needs adequate rest periods.

As published in the website Sleepdex on Wednesday (21/12/2016), the normal duration of sleep people adult is 7 to 7.5 hours, adolescent approximately 9 hours, and small children about 16 hours.

Lack of sleep is not recommended because of the prolonged negative impact on human health as a whole.

However, too much sleep is also highly recommended. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome or officially known as Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS) is a rare disorder of the nerves which make a person sleep too long.

It is often called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome but the disease is more common in boys. In fact, according to National Institutes of Health 70 percent of teenage boys were badly affected by the syndrome.

Impacts include changes in attitudes or behavior in the form of negligence, confusion, loss of balance and body became limp limp all day. Then, as quoted from page Psychology Today some cases demonstrate this can hinder sleep syndrome and drastically reduce the urge to have ‘ehem’ on the boys.

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