RICE, Home Based Treatment Methods When Natural Bruising

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Bruises caused by falls or accidentally exposed one particular thing should be treated with the RICE method. Before patients experience bruising was taken to the hospital.

RICE treatment method is usually done by patients who suffered soft tissue injuries including bruises, a singakatan of rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

According to Dr. Sophia B Hage through his writings to the site Click Physicians and quoted on Friday (23/12/2016), the RICE treatment method should be done after bruising. Between 48 to 72 hours after the bruising occurred.

Rest, means pasin should rest the injured body part. May only be “hiring” body parts were not injured. The aim is to prevent further injury and make the process of wound healing occurs faster.

“After an injury, you should not use the injured part of it at all. Rest about 15 minutes. Then, rest until the pain of injury, loss or up to 48 hours,” he said.

Ice or ice is also useful to relieve soft tissue injuries that led to the formation of bruises. Benefits of using ice is to limit swelling, relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms.

According to Sophia, the ice should be put in a plastic bag covering the injured area. Wrap in a towel that has been soaked, and then affixed to the injured part of it.

“Then cover with elastic bandages beyond the surface of the ice bag. Giving ice should be done within 10 minutes or as soon as possible after the injury for 15-20 minutes, then repeated every 2-4 hours,” said Sophia. Top ice periodically to be done during the first 24 hours after the appearance of bruises.

Compression or compression, are used to help applications ice and limit swelling which is a major factor to accelerate the rehabilitation period.

Elevatio or elevation is to elevate the injured exceed the height of the heart so that it can help push fluid out of the swollen area. Elevation will also help the veins to return blood from the heart to the injured area to prevent accumulation or pooling of blood in the Sar injured or bruised it.

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