Salary not that Make Big Happy, But Got a pair Which one is able to make you happy , has a girlfriend or spouse alias larger salary? A survey in England found the fact that having a couple more to make someone happy than earn a bigger paycheck.

This is evidenced in a survey conducted by the London School of Economics, England. Researchers asked the participation of 200,000 people about things that bsia make them happy and away from depression and anxiety.

As a result, most of the participants answered a partner makes it much more happy than pay increases, as quoted from AskMen, Saturday (12/17/2016).

When in numbers, happiness with the huge salaries increased 0.2 percent. Meanwhile, if you have a partner, happiness jumped to 0.6 percent.

Maybe this time we think of people in modern times is more concerned with the material, but the results of these studies be evidence to the contrary.

“The survey is proof that the most important thing in our happiness is not a big salary, but rather social relationships supported mental and physical health,” said one researcher, Richard Layard.

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