Silent Love ‘ehem’ Create More Intimate atmosphere Silent ‘ehem’ or lovemaking without this noise could be a trick to make love in the middle you’re on vacation with children or while visiting in-laws house. It might sound strange and not total when you and your partner must have ‘ehem’ without sound, but do not underestimate these ‘ehem’ techniques.

On the contrary, silent ‘ehem’ can get you the things that are smoldering ‘ehem’ than you normally do.

Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a ‘ehem’ therapist from New York who wrote a book titled She Comes First, say that ‘ehem’ in this way, without the noise and quiet, it would be more fun.

“‘ehem’ will be more intimate and adrenaline will both be triggered again and again,” says Kerner. Here are four of the best ‘ehem’ positions to do silent ‘ehem’ quoted Women’s Health Sunday (12/25/2016).

1. Lazy man

partner can position themselves by sitting on the bed and stretched out. While women can sit on top of him, here women can suppress and control the depth of penetration.

According to Kerner, this position will bring a couple of eye contact that can be mutually concentrate and keep their voices together.

2. Face off

Men can sit at the edge of the bed and the woman sitting on the lap that leads to the male body.

“Friction in this ‘ehem’ position would be amazing plus breast chest female partner who touched a male partner,” says Kerner.

3. Reverse missionary

As missionaries in general, but both his legs should be sealed so as to bring the movement is very intimate.

4. Squatting kneeling

In this ‘ehem’ position, he had to kneel and squat female partner on it. According to Kerner, this position was amazing when the couple whispered and touched their ears.

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