Special bench for BAB Always Fluent

4. Drink plenty of fluids

Constipation occurs when feces are hard and dry out easily – which is often caused by dehydration. “We tell the patient to make sure they drink plenty of fluids,” said Dr. Raymond.

However, Dr. Raymond said, they do not have definite proof, how much fluid should be taken to launch a BAB.

A good way to find out you’ve been drinking enough water, according to experts, is to check the color of urine. If it’s young, a bit like lemonade, so you’re good condition. If not, then you should drink more water.

Try also to drink coffee. Although caffeinated beverages should not be the only liquid you drink throughout the day, adding a cup or two cups of coffee daily intake, can lead to bowel movements.

The scientists found that for 30 percent of the people, coffee has a unique stimulant effect on the bowel. They are not sure why, but the acidity and caffeine in coffee had the same role.

5. Toilet stool

Apparently, elevate your feet on a stool to get effects like squats, can help some people to defecate more smoothly – or more simply, if you are constipated, use a squat toilet.

“This creates a tighter angle between the femur and pelvis,” said Dr. Raymond, “which then gives more strength to the movement of the intestines to push dirt to the outside.”

There have to use special products such as Squatty Potty – if at home you do not have a toilet squatting. Using a wedge or other types stool to elevate your feet can also.

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