State of It’s Not Allow Transgender Sign of Public Toilets North Carolina is one state of the USA States that do not allow transgender people to use public bathrooms in accordance with their transgender identity.

The Associated Press reported that the Governor of Northern California, Roy Cooper plans to issue rules for transgender use the shower according to their gender at birth. It was filed by Cooper to avoid potential unwanted bad.

“This is designed to protect young girls from those who threaten them. Firstly to avoid cases of transgender attack someone in the bathroom and secondly to avoid the assumption that transgender people are dangerous,” said Cooper.

Basically, continued Cooper, this is just about the right to use the bathroom. But anyway, he thinks there are things that should be avoided and feared.

Meanwhile, Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD, LGBT organizations, asserts that all people should be able to live free from the burden of discrimination.

“Equality of all people should not be compromised and state lawmakers must fulfill the constitutional duty them to ensure that all citizens Carolinia North and transgender equally trlindungi,” he quoted from Teen Vogue Tuesday (20 / 12/2016).

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