Stop Habits Pubic Hair Shave Before ‘ehem’ Before ‘ehem’ what will the couple do? If one of them shave the pubic hair, you should refrain from such behavior.

The couple may feel awkward with the conditions of their pubic hair to shave in the bathroom right before ‘ehem’.

However, Lora Ivanova, founder myLAB Box, who first gave the national performance testing of STI reminded that women and men avoid shaving pubic hair to prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

“Shaving your pubic hair can drastically increase your chances of contracting STIs as much as 440 percent,” he told MedicalDaily.

Earlier this month, a study published in Sexually Transmitted Infections found men and women who shave their pubic hair is more likely to have STIs, including herpes, HPV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or HIV.

Researchers take into account other factors, such as a person’s age, and the number of sexual partners. The relationship between high rates of STIs with shaved pubic hair is not clear, but the alleged cuts from shaving can allow bacteria and viruses into the skin.

The presence of pubic hair has the goal of providing a cushion against friction that can lead to skin abrasions and injuries. This is what protects the skin from bacteria and germs are undesirable.

“Shaving and waxing can make a lot of wounds that are almost invisible, leaving you more vulnerable in contact with bacteria and viruses,” said Ivanova.

small open wounds combined with the warm moist environment, really be a haven for bacteria. This could lead to further spread of STIs when you keep shaving pubic hair before having ‘ehem’.

If you have to shave the pubic hair, Ivanova suggest you and your partner to make sure it really tested IMS to eliminate the risk.

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