Stroke Patients Can Live Longer Origin Not Single, United States Stroke patients have a good chance to survive life if they were in a stable long-term marriage.

Researchers from the University of Miami found that, among 2,300 stroke patients, those known to have settle down and have a harmonious family had the opportunity to live better, than stroke patients who are single and those who are divorced or widowed.

In this study, researchers focused highlighting the moral support of your partner can help recovery of stroke.

Dr. Ralph Sacco, a professor of neurology at the University of Miami, said the support of a partner for life prove beneficial for stroke recovery.

“Couples can provide emotional support and help with daily activities, such as eating a healthy diet and reminded to take medication,” said Ralph quoted from the website Everyday Health, Sunday (12/18/2016) .

Matthew Dupre, professor of Association of family medicine at Duke University, Durham, USA, adds, moral support can help stroke patients to diligently carry out the treatment and eliminating unhealthy lifestyle habits.

These findings were reported on December 14, 2016 in Journal of the American Heart Association which followed 2,351 adults from the United States who suffer from a stroke.

their health assessment visits in the span of five years after suffering a stroke. Among those who survive, 42 percent are in a stable marriage with the first spouse, while 31 percent of the patients died.

For patients with stroke who are single at risk of dying as much as 71 percent. Depression is a major reason stroke patients who are not married more die.

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