Study: Men Easier sorry that Caught Cheating Spouse No intention of cheating at the beginning having a relationship. , all depends on the individual self and the scale of the fault.

Surely they were caught in the act will attempt to maintain his relationship with a way to apologize constantly to be forgiven and given a chance to live it back with him.

However, whether that be a victim forgiving spirit? Launch Huffington Post Saturday (24/12/2016), research at the University of Texas reveals the fact that the man is much more forgiving than women related affairs.

The findings showed that 50 percent of men forgive partner is having an affair with another woman and 22 percent for cheating with another man.

As for the womenfolk, hany about 20 percent are willing to forgive a male partner who has had an affair. The rest prefer to escape completely so sick at heart is not prolonged.

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