Synthetic Marijuana Now Popular Among Young Children

In this modern era, young people no longer rely on the kind of drugs common and universally known. For them the drug was ‘old’ and too risky.

Now they prefer to use some kind of drug that a class of Designer Drugs. The term Designer Drugs is not yet widely heard among people, but according to World Health Organization (WHO) Designer Drugs is endemic in some point of the globe and the effects are much more severe than the drug that has existed since time immemorial.

As informed in the website National Institute of drug Abuse Friday (16/12/2016), Designer drugs is a term used to describe drugs that have been re-formulated using basic materials hazardous chemicals. Drugs are intentionally designed to use chemicals, this particular effect is as powerful or can surpass pleasure other drugs that are already common.

Actually making of Designer Drugs still involves the use of plant-based drugs are already common such as cocaine, morphine and marijuana. But what sets it apart is the presence of other chemical substances that have been mixed into it.

Examples Designer Drugs which is now popularly used among young people include, marijuana synthetic ( ‘zombie effect’), ketamine (numbness effect), MDMA (euphoria), LSD and DMT ( hallucinogens).

Ketamine or more popularly known as ‘Special K’ is present in powder form is generally brown and are used by inhaling or menyerepetnya like cocaine.

MDMA indeed original content that is generally present in granular ecstasy. However, MDMA generally comes in pill form which contains a powder mix content of ecstasy and other substances that can make the effect is far more severe and long-lasting.

LSD and DMT article replaces the ‘Magic Mushroom’ in the present era. Its effects make excessive hallucinations and allow permanent mental problems because the chemicals are too strong.

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