Thanks to Christmas, Furey Childbirth Twins 4, Ohio Christmas 2016 be the happiest day for Andrea Furey (32) of Loveland, Ohio. Waiting baby for 20-year marriage sweet fruit because she had recently given birth to twins four at a time.

Precisely Thursday, Furey gave birth to four children named named Michael, Abigail, Molly and Hazel in TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital.

Her husband, Mike (34) also did not expect her quadruplets. He just knows they have tried IVF several times until finally she managed to get pregnant.

“We assisted Dr. Michael Thomas, a reproductive specialist at the University of Cincinnati in 1988. He always told me the purpose of pregnancy must be based on the health of the couple. Since 2007, we tried IVF,” said Mike, as reported USA Today Sunday (12/25/2016).

Furey very happy when Dr Michael said there babies A, B, C and D in her womb. However, doctors say that pregnancy is very risky. Moreover, the fourth baby has its own amniotic sac and placenta are quite dangerous Furey.

“I ended up taking time off for 24 weeks and really rest at home. Until last November I feel the contractions,” said Furey.

Now, Furey and husband should be happy. Fourth of her baby be born healthy and happy so that they can celebrate Christmas together.

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