The inventor of the Heimlich technique for Choking dies Doctor inventor choking techniques to overcome interference, Henry Heimlich, dies at age 96 .

Based on information from the family, Dr. Heimlich breathed his last at a hospital in Cincinnati on Saturday morning from complications of a heart attack because he suffered since Monday.

Teknik Heimlich telah membantu menyelamatkan 100 ribu nyawa orang tersedak di AS.

Dr. Heimlich finding techniques to overcome choking in 1974. You do this by pressing the abdomen of a person with a certain pressure levels so as to pull out pieces of food or other things that cover the airway.

In March, Dr. Heimlich they can help save a woman aged 87 who choked on the meat.

Throughout his life, Dr. Heimlich always wanted to help and save as many lives. Heimlich said to have saved at least 100 thousand lives in the United States. Some public figures who felt saved from choking by methods inu among them former US president, Ronald Reagan, actress Cher, Elizabeth Taylor Goldie Hawn, and others.

Allegedly, Heimlich technique is not the only rescue techniques initiated by Dr. Heimlich. In 1962, he developed Heimlich Chest Drain Valve who saved the lives of soldiers of the Vietnam War. Hngga today the technique is still used for patients undergoing thoracic surgery.

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