The record revealed ‘ehem’ Male and Female Lifetime Her life Compared to men, women are known to be able to withstand sexual desire. In fact, it is proven in a study from California State University, who discovered that the man took off his virginity at the age of 16 years, while women are more common when he was 17 years old.

Survey of National Health and Social Life Survey also shows that each sexual intercourse, not all women can climax. There were only 29 percent of women who earned their orgasms, while 75 percent of men always get orgasm.

The following study findings followed by the National Center of Health Statistics that reveal how many couples I’ve ever slept in by men and women in their lifetime.

This survey was conducted in adult men and women aged 20 to 59. The average ever had ‘ehem’ four men for women. While men, at least had ‘ehem’ with seven women during his lifetime quoted from page NBC News on Wednesday (12/14/2016).

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