The story of Sarah Overcome ‘Down Syndrome’ with Yoga, Kansas- A high school student in grade 3 Free State High School, Lawrence, Kansas, United States, Sarah Schaffer suffered Down Syndrome or mental retardation and physical development since childhood.

This condition is characterized by the presence of an extra chromosome in the body that trigger delay cognitive function and specific changes in physical appearance.

Because these conditions do not make Sarah hampered from all aktiivitas he did in school. Although it has a brain function and physical retardation, he remains the spirit of involving themselves in sports activities as well as arts and music at the school.

However, as reported by US Health News on Wednesday (12/21/2016), a condition that weakens muscles over time as these conditions makes the mother worry. Rose, Sarah’s mother who is a nurse with a deep knowledge about the sport, eventually introducing yoga to his son.

Sports yoga is believed to help improve posture hampered due to muscle development Down Syndrome .

Sports types are also believed to increase muscle strength, coordination or balance the body, as well as help him breathe better through practice making breathing more deeply.

Thus, more oxygen into the brain Sarah and after yoga is done regularly, even sleep more soundly. He also felt more relaxed doing any activity despite the physical limitations and cognitive function was.

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