There Bahagia key on your spouse We’ve all heard the adage that says: want to be happy, Live the pair. However, if this can be proven scientifically?

Recent studies have found that having a happily married couple can make your life will become easier. It is also associated with better health, at least among those in the middle to advanced age.

“Simply put, knowing that your partner is satisfied with the state of the individual could change needs someone to be channeling that harm themselves, such as drinking or drugs, and that generally gives a sense of satisfaction in a way that can maintain a healthy body , “said William Chopik, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University and lead researcher on the study.

The latest research, published in Health Psychology also found that couples are happy to give social support more powerful, such as love, compared with couples who are not happy to be busy coping with their own problems.

Through the study also revealed that the wife is happy and excited to have the potential to transmit their feelings to people who are less happy by getting them involved in the activity and a good environment for health, such as eating food that is more nutritious and exercise.

“These findings expand assumptions about the relationship between happiness and health significantly, showing the uniqueness of social relationships that exist,” said Chopik, quoted from page Medicaldaily Sunday (12/25/2016).

“Having a happily married couple can improve the health of the same as if you yourself were happy,” he continued.

Researchers examined 1,981 heterosexual couples for the study. They also tested the survey information from couples aged 50 to 94 years, as well as the participants determine their own level of happiness and satisfaction of their lives. Interestingly, the results did not show any differences between husband and wife. The results are equally applicable to both genders.

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