These Processed Meat Why So Serious Threat For Asthma Sufferers Bad news for asthmatics, it turns out there are certain foods that should be avoided so that the condition does not worsen. Type of question is a processed meat such as sausages and salami.

As the page loaded BBC Thursday (22/12/2016), a French study involving 1,000 people reveals the fact the bad effects of meat processed to asthma sufferers.

the study, published in the journal Thorax it was found that, preservatives used in processed meat and also on the outside as a membrane enveloped ie, nitrites, inhibiting airway into the sidelines of the meat thus making it fresh or nutritious ,

Scientists in the study revealed the dangers that are likely to face an asthma sufferer if consumed more than four servings of meat processed within a week.

In addition, processed meat has also been frequently associated with because cancer is considered to be the source.

Unfortunately, the processed meat is one type of food that is very well liked and often used as food for school children. Of course, avoiding foods that taste delicious on the tongue is not easy to do.

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