This 5-star hotel fundraiser for Breast Cancer Fighters The month of October has been designated as universal as month to commemorate breast cancer worldwide. In those months, tens to hundreds of events held throughout the world to raise money as a form of relief and concern for those battling breast cancer.

How to raise funds assortment and every party who organized the event with the aim it has a unique strategy each to attract attention and increase awareness of the public at large.

five star Hotel Mandarin Oriental in major cities in the United States such as New York, Boston and Washington DC this year have shown participation in improving public awareness will get breast cancer.

As published in the website Forbes Saturday (12/24/2016), the luxury hotel offers a variety of body care or spa program which funds will be channeled to breast cancer patients.

massage or spa treatments that most will find the luxury hotel is Inner Strength Treatment . Treatment lasts for approximately 80 minutes was presented to help relieve physical tension and reduce the emotional anxiety.

type or spa treatments using special oil blend is an inspiration from the figure of Aromatherapy Associates company founder, Geraldine Howard, who had often rely on this spa to calm down during the fight against cancer.

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