This menu breakfast that Make Satiety Longer, New York- protein intake at breakfast is the key to full longer. Maybe when calling protein, immediately imagine meat and chicken in mind. But compared to animal protein, vegetable protein such as beans and peas make fuller longer.

When a person feel full longer, it helped to reduce the intake of other foods. Researchers revealed that the type of food intake as it can help you lose weight.

Gunakan kacang merah, diet yang dijalani bisa turunkan berat badan.

It is known in the study from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Researchers asked 43 participants aged 20s to consume three breakfast menu in different weeks. Each of the breakfast menu contains 800 calories.

The first menu item is the content of the beef burger, burger menu peanut butter both red and peas, a third menu besides burgers are low in protein with beans, peas and potatoes.

Three hours later they had lunch and asked to eat as much as desired. Interestingly, participants fill of vegetable protein burger eating lunch 12 percent fewer calories than meat such as quoting Time Friday (12/16/2016).

“The fiber content is higher probability that contribute significantly to increasing satiety,” says one researcher who is also a nutritionist Anne Raben.

This is not the first study to demonstrate vegetables nuts help us consume fewer calories. Research in March revealed people who eat peas, beans and lentils more experience weight loss.

People who consume the vegetable protein to feel full longer. So it does not need a special effort to avoid other foods.

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