This reason Big Penis Size Make Women More Satisfied The men always wondered if penis size effect on women’s satisfaction? Or, if true, the size of a large penis can more easily make a woman satisfied?

Launch The Health Site on Wednesday (12/21/2016), all of it still depends how you use it. Human beings are endowed with the largest penis size compared to other mammals (in comparison to body size). And how effective your manhood to be able to satisfy a woman, all of it depends on how you use it.

However, when viewed from an evolutionary standpoint, women have a fondness for various sizes and shapes of the penis. Women also prefer a tall guy with a good body structure.

Meanwhile, if viewed from a scientific standpoint: men with large penises are more likely to lose his genes more efficiently, compared with men whose penis size is smaller.

And also, a larger penis is more effective for stimulating nerves along the walls of the vagina and cervix – the consequences could be to satisfy a woman.

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