This year participants JKN Many Complain Drugs Service, Ada Apa? This year, the Health Insurance national (JKN) received many complaints from participants related to drug services is still not perfect. Unavailability of drugs requires that patients or participants JKN incur additional costs.

Particularly in primary care, 42 percent of respondents still pay their personal treatment. On average, every participant must spend Rp59 thousand to pay for drugs that can not be covered by JKN.

While in private hospitals, 31 percent of respondents pay for private health care and 20 percent of respondents pay for private medicine. On average they have to spend by Rp128 thousand to Rp856 thousand outpatient and hospitalization. This data was obtained from the Center for Economic Research and Health Policy, University of Indonesia.

Professor of Public Health Faculty of Health Economics, University of Indonesia, Prof. dr Thabrany Hasbullah in discussions Kaleidoscope MPH DrPH Study Results CHEPS UI on Drugs Service in the Age JKN on Thursday (22/12/2016), said there were relevant factors this year why drug services in JKN had many problems over the past year.

“So there is a failed bid at the beginning of the year that I think in the next year is already in fix that does not happen again failed to tender and the second issue of imbalances drug that the plan is needed how and in fact consumed by how much,” he said.

Hasbullah delivered, this condition occurs due to delays in hospital and health department sends the data needs of the drug to the Ministry of Health.

“Hospitals and health office that is not all actively want to enter (the report needs medication), so we had difficulty to predict how does the drug to be provided and worn. Awareness of the organizers in the field not good enough, even though he’s actually contribute to tell it, “he said.

Hasbullah expect in the year 2017. This JKN problem can be fixed. “At least ten percent reduction in drug complaints from 2016 that was a good thing,” he concluded.

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