Try Perform Yoga Pose More Sleep soundly this order Who would not want to sleep soundly and woke up with a fresh body in the morning day.

Boorstein Gail Grossman, of Restorative Yoga for Life, and owner of Om Sweet Om Yoga in Port Washington, New York, providing easy trick to get sleep better by doing the following yoga poses before bed.

To do this yoga pose, you just need a bolster or a rolled towel and blanket.

Pose yoga sebelum tidur ini dapat membuat tidur lebih nyenyak.

As quoted by page Parade Wednesday (21/12/2016) lie on a roll bolsters or blankets and towels. Position right below your waist.

Stretch both arms above your head and bend both knees. Let your body relax and hold his head with a pillow. Hold this yoga pose for three minutes in the left and right sides of the body.

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