Turns Mouthwash Powerful Overcome Sexually Transmitted Diseases

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Mouthwashes first discovered at the end of the century -19. In early 1879, the manufacturer even claims, mouthwash including effective disinfectant for cleaning floors and cure gonorrhea (sexually transmitted diseases such as pus, white and yellow).

During the course of 137 years ago, scientists are now testing whether mouthwash able to cure gonorrhea. Gonorrhea can infect the light even in dangerous levels, gonorrhea bacteria causing infertility, sterility, and death if untreated.

Eric Chow, a researcher at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Australia testing Listerine mouthwash compared to saline. They found, mouthwash has resulted in the growth of bacteria gonorrhea decreased, while the saline solution had no effect whatsoever.

The study confirmed with the help of 58 bisexual men who suffer from gonorrhea in the throat. They were asked to rinse for one minute with mouthwash or saline solution.

Researchers found that those who had been gargling with mouthwash feel better than those who gargle with a salt solution.

This study was recently done for the men, while the effects of mouthwash in women remains to be tested.

The number of patients increased

In the United States, the occurrence of cases of gonorrhea reached a drastic improvement. A recent report shows, from 395 thousand recorded cases, patients with gonorrhea up 13 percent from 2014 and more experienced by young people aged 15 to 24 years, according to a report in the The Huffington Post Thursday (22/12/2016).

gonorrhea disease is also more common in men. Based on the analysis of data in 2014, a total of 120 men than 100 thousand patients with gonorrhea, women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases have as many as 101 women.

“The use of mouthwash can reduce infection gonorrhea bacteria so that the number of patients decreased,” said Eric.

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