Understanding Mental Condition Survivors of the Great Plague

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com When news emerged about the bombing in a place or a plane crash, of course, we will suppose the things that are on the minds of the victims who had survived the terrible tragedy of it.

According to a professor of psychology at Virginia Tech University, Russell Jones, disaster victims are very may experience three things are associated with mental disorders, excessive guilt, Post-traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) or chronic depression.

“A person who survived the events that makes trauma is very likely to show symptoms of mental illnesses such as PTSD, chronic depression, feelings of guilt excessive or a combination of all three,” he said to The Atlantic citing Saturday ( 12.24.2016).

Manager of the American Red Cross which handles provision of services and providing physical and mental health for victims of small to large, Valerie Cole, also said his opinion about what is commonly experienced by survivors of the disaster a large scale.

“Often survivors showed confusion and become oblivious to what just happened to him because it was too traumatic,” he said.

Valerie added, “in some cases, survivors showed a decrease or interruption in power remember them, while others actually remember in detail the tragic events in its path and become very sensitive when asked by others. “

In the long run, the survivors is very likely to show symptoms experienced depression and may begin to feel frustrated every day after the tragedy.

Not only the victims but also those nearby and around the victim also very likely affected and has experienced mental illness PTSD.

“No need someone experienced horrific events in his life, just know or know of someone who has been a victim, he will also feel sad until it can suffer from PTSD,” said Russell Jones.

Jones explains, “research in 2011 and then to the shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007. shown in the fact that some boys and girls who are not directly involved in the shooting and just hear the sound of the shot away from each class, are now experiencing PTSD.”

This proves how strong an impact event or a major disaster on the mental person.

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