Unique, So Cow Urine Acne Medication Leading Men in this village

Liputan6.com, Udaipur- The man who was born and grew up in the village of Udaipur, India has a unique confidence that not all people know and think is reasonable. They make urine or cow urine as a solution to heal existing acne on their body.

As quoted from Daily Mail Saturday (12/24/2016), the majority of Indians are Hindu, and cows are considered sacred animals.

So, whatever is produced or removed from these animals are also considered sacred or a blessing that should not be wasted just like that. Not only used by mouth, cow urine is also used water to wash when showering.

The men in this village found cow urine has many benefits and getting rid of acne is just one of the many other benefits.

Another advantage is that cow urine is also believed by them as a remedy for cope with acute illness or concerning the organs in the body.

So, dare you try it?

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