Use aircraft traveling at Christmas, Beware 5 Disorders It long holiday before Christmas and New Year await. Many of you probably are already preparing for flight tickets to visit distant relatives.

However, in an airplane with a distance there was a possibility of your health disorder. So be sure to consider the following points, as reported by Daily Star Thursday (22/12/2016):

1. Foot swells

Too long sitting with his feet keep it down, will lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots due to poor blood circulation during sitting in the plane.

In children, uncomfortable sleeping position also will make it easier tired and cranky. At least, take the child to move his body once every hour. This will reduce the risk of muscle cramps. If you are stuck in the window seat, be sure to stretch and flex the foot, ankle while sitting.

2. Bloating

Because the air pressure in the air is much lower than at ground level, it is a normal thing when you puffed on a plane. To minimize bloating, you can avoid foods such as broccoli, beans or cabbage before or during the flight.

3. Dry skin

Not surprisingly, the air at 35,000 feet will make the skin and eyes is much drier. The problem, dry air is very risky for people with asthma.

To prevent unwanted things, make sure you stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of drinking water or ask pramugrari to provide coffee or tea to keep skin moist.

4. Constipation

long Sitting in an airplane seat would also lead to constipation. To avoid this, make sure you eat foods high in fiber such as oatmeal before the flight and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

5. Headache when landing

The air pressure during landing can also cause middle ear function. This can lead to ear pain and a throbbing headache.

So hold your nose or chewing the gum to help relieve the discomfort. Do not let the atmosphere of Christmas so damaged because you are unwell.

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