Water Packaging Threaten Dental Health, Really?

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Candy, sweets and fizzy drinks often become the types of foods and beverages that can cause problems and tooth decay. Apparently there are many types of foods and beverages that can threaten the health of your teeth, but more surprised bottled water are also touted to damage the teeth. Really?

Dr Peter Alldritt, head of the health committee at the mouth of the Australian Dental Association, says some foods and beverages that can unwittingly threaten the health of your teeth, including bottled water.

Australian Dental Association says bottled water or bottled mineral water is not much better than tap water. Most people who live in Australia choose to drink water from the tap because it contains fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and protect against damage.

While the water in the bottle does not contain the amount of fluoride needed to protect the teeth. Which means, dental health so much unprotected. Quoted from ABC Net Au Monday (12/19/2016).

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