Ways to Make Vagina Wangi and Toned

Liputan6.com, Depok, West Java Vagina including intimate part of a woman who must hygiene and health is maintained. Not infrequently, vaginal problems, such as excessive vaginal discharge and odor often interfere with a woman. For women, both married and unmarried can do natural treatments vagina.

According Own Bamboo Slimming Beauty Care Spa Diana Rosita, 38 years old, the treatment of vaginal considered important because the vagina is the female genitals are located somewhat inside. Therefore, the vagina to get extra care.

“Women often come into contact with public toilets, especially disposable spray to wipe. It may not hygienic cleanliness. Moreover, women who like to wear tight jeans, this will stimulate the vaginal area is wet,” said Diana.

Humidity stimulate collected bacteria in the vagina. In addition, more and more hot weather factor that stimulates sweat vagina becomes moist and wet. No way, lady replace underpants.

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