When Diet, You Will Spend More Perfume

Winter make perfume became more vague. When the weather is cold, the odor molecules will be lifted more slowly, core and basic perfume will develop more slowly.

Diet Make Perfume Need More

If you’re running a low-fat diet, the amount of oil in the skin tend to be lower, so your perfume will not last for ever.

Antibiotics Can Affect Perfume?

Yes, first of all because many antibiotics will change the smell of your skin. Second, the effect of antibiotics will kill the bacteria in the skin, which is usually mixed with oils on the skin that creates “you smell”.

Resistance Perfume Different at Each person

Acidity kulitlah cause. Try to lick your wrist. If it tastes tangy and slightly acidic? If so, it is a sure sign of acid. The more acidic your skin, the more likely it is to cover the perfume.

The solution? Give the new layer, between the skin and perfume. You can also coat the perfume to prolong the fragrance. Use a body lotion smelled the same, or body lotion without odor that has been mixed with perfume you.

This will make your perfume last longer and make age so twice as long.

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