When is the Right Time Perform Breast Cancer Early Detection

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Specialist Surgical Oncology from Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta Dr. Yadi Permana, said that nine out of 10 breast lumps do not always lead to breast cancer.

Nevertheless, it never hurts to check to determine their own breast health in doctors. As a form of early detection of breast cancer.

“Lumps of suspected cancer is usually only on one side of the breast only, hard, and surface bumps palpable, uneven, and if it is already in an advanced stage bump could not be moved because it was attached to the breast tissue,” said Yadi in huddle Beha: Early Detection of Breast Cancer Campaign Friday written (12/23/2016)

In addition, he continued, there are changes in the color and structure of the skin, changes in the nipple as interested in, there are wounds that do not heal nipple, or the nipple skin.

According to Yadi, early detection can be done by examining your own breasts of one to three months, one week after the menstrual period, examinations by doctors, ultrasound, mammography and biopsy. After the biopsy, it is recommended within one month should undergo definitive therapy to avoid the spread of tumors.

Yadi also said that this type of breast cancer is so much that needs different treatment. However, the detection of breast cancer can be early and should be increased concern, especially in women about breast cancer.

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