Why Not Reinforced Penis?

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Have you ever wondered why spineless penis? It also sparked the scientists to find out the truth.

As published Daily Mail Friday (12/16/2016) penis bone or called baculum actually been described as “bone most evolved” between 145 or 95 million years ago.

Since then, scientists thought that men no longer have a penis bone because humans tend to have a monogamous relationship and do not have to compete for a mate.

Researchers from University College London also never figure out why people do not have a penis bone. They speculate that this is related to long-duration human penetration during ‘ehem’ – more than three minutes. This also affects the evolution of primates.

Matilda Brindle, who led the research, said the findings support the notion that the actual existence of the penis bone is lost in the human lineage since it has no special function.

“Our findings showed that baculum have an important role in the reproductive system of males. But in our records, the absence of a penis bone could extend intromission (biological terms for penetration with a penis) making it easier for men to give ‘genetic material’, “he said.

penis bones in mammals, the researchers note, is actually very varied. For example, the penis bone marmosets (the smallest monkey of the world), he has a penis bone reaches 60 cm.

While chimpanzees and bonobos – humans’ closest relatives had a very small penis bone (between about 6-8mm) and intromission short duration (about seven seconds to 15 seconds for the chimpanzees and bonobos). But they have a polygamous mating system, so it is very competitive among men.

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