With prophylaxis, People With Hemophilia Can Be More Productive

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Treatment of hemophilia can be done in two ways ie prophylaxis (prevent bleeding) and on demand (at the time of bleeding). In Indonesia handling of hemophilia still on demand.

On demand This means, if there is bleeding just given treatment,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Hemophilia Society (HMHI), Prof. dr. Djajadiman Gatot, SpA (K) in the Haemophilia Forum in Jakarta was written on Sunday (12/11/2016).

Djajadiman hoped Indonesia could apply the prophylactic treatment of hemophilia. “On prophylaxis even though he was not bleeding, every week is given (injection of blood clots) two or three times with a small dose,” he said.

Even small doses, if later bleeding is not too severe. By handling prophylactically, people with hemophilia have a quality of life like a normal person.

“In prophylaxis, children can doing anything . Can play ball, but certainly not heavy. Then, as an adult he could also work. Many of the stories in the overseas people with hemophilia can became physicians and other work origin is not a rider, pilot, “he said.

China, parts of Malaysia and European countries already provide prophylactic treatment of persons with hemophilia. Then, when prophylaxis is used in Indonesia?

No doubt the handling fee hemophilia prophylactically still expensive. “Maybe at some point we could leave the country. Now we are asking the new venture,” he said.

Hemophilia is an inherited blood disorder condition of mother to child so that makes the blood can not clot by itself normally. Symptoms of this condition began to be seen when the child is able to crawl. Hemophilia is prone to occur in men.

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