Women, Beware of Cancer Types of Breast Cancer This addition

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com In general, fear of every woman to disease focused on two types of cancer, namely that attacks the breast and uterus. Unfortunately, this type of cancer potentially strong challenge femininity is not only limited to these.

There is one other type of cancer which has become the second most severe and often affects women, but not recognized by many people. The disease in question is colon cancer.

As the site loaded Sydney Morning Herald Thursday (12/22/2016), a survey conducted by the Cancer Institute of New South Wales, Australia disclosed the fact that colon cancer become the second disease after breast cancer terfatal , which affects many women in the country Kangaroo.

This of course does not rule out the possibility for women in other parts of the world suffer from similar diseases.

“Every woman needs to be aware of the fact that colon cancer is the second most frequently attacked his people and it should be wary by checking early,” said CEO Cancer Institute, David Currow.

David argues, is already quite worrying survey results and the article of every woman must not only advisable, but should be urged to carry out checks to minimize the risk of contracting the disease.

“We are concerned, if the woman is not aware of colon cancer fatalities, their article will also be underestimating the potential and the risks that exist,” he concluded.

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