Writing Can Help Breast Cancer Women Feel Better

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Recent studies have shown that expressive writing like blogging may help women with breast cancer feel better.

Research conducted Alice Flaherty, MD, neuroscientist at Harvard University, and Nancy Morgan, director of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Arts and Humanities Program at Georgetown University, examines a group of bloggers regarding blogging has benefits for both mental and physical.

In this study, researchers found that many bloggers who write down their personal experiences were a big influence on the reader.

In the study revealed that the experience of cancer patients who write down what the actual breast cancer, ranging from symptom to suggestions, and discussions about cancer can give encouragement and kindness to the reader at once a cancer patient.

According to Flaherty, sharing personal stories trigger the release of dopamine that makes people feel better. When the condition is in the patient feeling good and stable level then it will be much more motivated to live. While Morgan, told Scientific American until now some hospitals have started a blog for breast cancer patients.

“They can talk about their breast cancer experience, share and find comfort itself with the blog,” said Morgan quoted Health Sunday (12/25/2016).

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